Starke Industries delivers individualized Human Performance Programs, using the latest technology and evidence-based science to achieve maximum results at any level.

Objective and Subjective Data used to create customized programming. Specialized assessments that were once only available to elite athletes or medical facilities.

No nonsense education. The Fitness Industry can be confusing as it typically follows the "shiny object" syndrome. This content has been created to eliminate the confusion. Join us at one of our workshops, online lectures, or take one of our courses.

  • Breath Principles

  • Loosen, Lengthen, Mobilize, Integrate

  • Movement Patterns

  • Nutritional Blueprint

Guiding Principles

These Principles provide a comprehensive approach that allows us to optimize all systems in pursuit of the desired Goal.

  • Thoughts

  • Breathing

  • Hydration

  • Nutrition

  • Recovery

  • Movement



The gap between Science and Performance has long been only available to Elite Athletes. The Medical Field practices discipline through safe measuring procedures. Our approach is detailed, similar to what is expected in the Medical Industry.

The System is a Holistic Approach Customized for the Individual:

  • We begin by discussing your goals and determining if we'll be a good fit.

  • Next, the selected assessment(s) will give us the best information based on your goals.

  • These assessments will provide the data necessary to customize your program.

  • We get to work implementing your program with pre-determined re-assessments.

  • You achieve your goals and experience life-changing results.

The program is only as efficient as the ability to comprehend and remain consistent.

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