Oct 29, 2022

Footwear is an interesting topic of debate as traditional footwear (like Adidas or Nike) has never truly agreed with me. Looking back on it, I don't think my feet were the only "system" negatively influenced. I think my choice of footwear may have influenced my gait ultimately influencing my ankles, knees, hips and lower back. I started to tease the barefoot trend initially when I was in high school with the Vibram FiveFinger shoes. While not having a true understanding of it, I can say I fully adopted it in my junior year of college using a more casual shoe from Vivobarefoot. 

Having an understanding of the foot from infancy and correlating the findings with third world countries, I feel it has been made obvious that the toes weren't meant to be crammed in these narrow shoes that look like they are designed for Elves. Then when you take that thought process and look at the female footwear, I get genuinely confused by the acceptance of that style.

My typical selection of footwear these days tends to be Lem's Boulder Boot for casual wear and Vivobarefoot Prime Lite III for gym wear.

Below are suggested shoe brands (in alphabetical order):

  • Lem's Shoes
  • Vibram USA
  • Vivobarefoot
  • Xero


Also a consideration, that I felt assisted with restoring my foot and assisted in my transition to minimalist footwear. Correct Toes.

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